Does the Flex Belt Work?

My Flex Belt Review

flex belt review

Many people often wonder if ab belts (electronic ones) actually work. There is certainly a lot of debate about it especially when there have been so many infomercials boasting claims about getting a tone set of washboard abs after strapping on an electronic belt. You will find brands like, Butterfly Abs, Slendertone Connect and The Flex Belt to be available for online purchase, but little it known about how they work and if they really deliver results at all.



Do Electric Ab Belts Work?

This question is asked a lot and for good reason. If you can carve a lean mid-section simply by wearing a belt, how can you go wrong? To be upfront, there are many ways you can go wrong but let’s talk a bit about how they work before we get too far.

Electronic Ab Belts work through sending electric impulses to your muscles that cause them to contract. The idea is that you can wear the belt for a period of time and effectively work-out your abs without doing more traditional exercises.

The technology is called Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS for short) and has been used for a long time in the medical industry to help people recover from injury and in some cases improve athletic performance.

Will Using Ab Belt Give You  Six Pack Abs?

The short answer is: NO

There are a couple of reasons behind this, but what it really comes down to is related to the amount of calories consumed vs the calories you spend during a given day. If you burn fewer calories than you spend, you will not see any progress. The EMS stimulation that you get from wearing an AB Belt burns absolutely zero calories. So on its own, it is of no help.

However, the muscle stimulation you do get is enough to tone your core. To take maximum advantage of an ab belt you have to have consistent diet and exercises. If you have this in check, then you are in a good position to use the belt and gain benefit.

Checkout this Flex Belt review article at They go into all the tiny details about this belt and many others.

Happy health to you!

Old School New Body – Fitness For Anyone Over 40

What’s the hype about Old School New Body?

Old School New Body is a pretty revolutionary workout that uses minimal equipment and can be done from the home or gym. Its not really about the minimal and basic equipment that is needed. After all getting your hands on a cheap (inexpensive) set of dumbells is the easy part. What is considered ground breaking and revolutionary is the F4X training method that the author and creator Steve Holman states will add years to your life without enduring the typical, and often grueling workout methods that we, and a lot of gym goers, are used to doing.

How Does Old School New Body Work?

old school new body bookThe program is broken into 3 phases that are tailored to individual goals but have the benefit of working together to help anyone, regardless of age, or fitness level reach their fitness goals. The first phase is the F4X Lean Phase. This is a great starting point for most people and an excellent way to get into decent shape for beginners. The workouts, like all workouts in Old School New Body last only 30 minutes, with only a set of dumbbells needed. This phase is designed to help you burn fat.

The next phase of the program expands on the exercises with the goal of sculpting you body for a more lean and toned physique. The FX4 Shape phase, as it is called, is perfect to stack on top of completing the fat burning F4X Lean Phase noted above.

For the added punch, and if you are looking to build more muscle, the F4X Build Phase is ideal for this. Unlike the FX4 Lean and Shape phases, this phase will have you eating more and actually working out for longer sessions. Not much longer than the 30 minutes of the other phases, but you can expect to add about 15 minutes to you daily schedule.

Does The Old School New Body Program Focus On Nutrition?

In a nutshell yes. Before you even get into the workouts themselves, the course covers a hand-full of chapters that detail nutritional guidelines for maximum fat loss or muscle growth (based on the phase you choose. The course also has an emphasis on safety (see below).

How Does Old School New Body Work?

OSNB works by following a workout method called F4X. While I can’t go into the details and expose the whole program, the F4X principle is pretty straight forward. F4X calls for moderate weights, that follow form first and foremost. It also focuses on maximizing time to a minimum, where maximum benefits can be realized without sacrificing safety and time. If you see most people running around the gym you will undoubtedly find hulks who hurl weights without discretion and lightweights flinging super light weights. The latter will most likely have little effect while the heavy lifters will be prone to injury over time.

F4X lives in between these approaches to maintain an injury free workout over your lifetime, that promises to keep you feeling youthful, looking young and injury free. That folks is the magic of OSNB and the F4X method. Check out this review of the Old School New Body Program yourself to see how it might help you get fit and stay that way.


Fat Diminisher System For Rapid Weight Loss


Have you ever wondered what it really takes to drop a few pounds?

There are a lof of distractions in front of us today that keep us from seeing things through, especially following restrctive diets for weight loss. Over long periods of time, restrictive diets can be a real downer and hard to follow. The problem with that is the more restrictive your are, the more likely you are to give up. This is a pretty common conundrum that people often face when trying to lose weight.

So this begs the question:

How Do I Lose Weight Easy?

Unfortunately, there is not a direct awnser to that. However, there are a few things you can do to help ensure your success. First of all, stop thinking so much about dieting to lose weight. If you are constantly worried about your diet and eating within a very confined schedule, it wil be hard for you to succed over the long run. Instea, think of just eating healthy. Don’t worry so much about the details. Focus instead on just eating healthy, or healthier foods more frequently.

How Can Exercise Help You Lose Weight?

Clean and healthy eating goes hand-in-hand with a good dose of exercise. Like eating healthy, you need to think of exercise as just part of life. Because, combining exercise with a healthy eating lifestyle, you will see significant weightloss over time. This comes with the assumption that you are not eating more calories than you spend.

What Does This Mean?

In a nutshell, you want to make sure that you stop eating the junk foods and start exercising to lose weight. One of the best ways to make this happen is to track your calories (at least for a couple of months) using an app such as Myfitness Pal to help you track meals and calories.

Another great way to stay on track is to follow a predetermined routine for a period of time to acclimate yourself to eating better and exercising. Nutrition and fitness programs such as the Fat Diminisher system already outlines exactly what you need to acheive your weight loss goals.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Start eating healthy and exercising today and don’t put it off until tomorrow because you depend on you. What that means is do not procrastinate. Otherwise you will not progress and see results. If you have to pick up a program to get started, then by all means do it. Your health depends on it.

Health and Fitness -Explained

nutritionforphysicalactivityWeight is a very sensitive issue these days. A lot of people gained excess weight because of many reasons. One is having an unhealthy lifestyle where they consume more than their body can burn. If you read a lot of weight related books and guides, you will discover that one of the repeatedly emphasized tips to maximum weight loss includes proper diet and nutrition.

Usually this is easier said than done because dieters find themselves going back to the foods that made them fat and discard the meal plan altogether. One of the top tips to keep in mind is to change your eating habits gradually until you eliminate all unhealthy foods.Whatever types of food you eat can either increase your weight or help reduce it.

The top effective ways to lose weight fast through proper diet and nutrition is to eat foods that accelerate weight reduction and also help to reduce weight fast such as raw fruits and vegetables, organic meat, fish, eggs and plenty other unprocessed foods. You only need to be careful with what you put in your body and eventually, you will see that change you were hoping for so long. Add a little exercise and you should be heading the right way.


The Options For Core Details For Health and Fitness



People are more health conscious these days and that is very good to know. A lot has been suffering from the complications of having excessive weight. The problem is the fact that most of us are tied with too much work and the only way for us to survive it is to fuel our body with food, thus our body gaining too much weight. Other than this, there are other factors that affects our weight such as genes and there is your body’s metabolic capacity.

diet12You can watch what you eat and work out just as hard as the next person and find yourself struggling to shed every single pound. A body’s metabolic makeup is one of the reasons that people differ in how quickly they can take off excess weight.When it comes to metabolism, there is no level playing field here.

For example, men easily lose weight faster than a woman because their muscle mass plays into how fast their metabolism works. It doesn’t seem fair, but that’s the way it is. Your metabolism is the way that the food you eat gets turned into energy. Your metabolism is what uses your calorie intake. It is best for you to approach an expert so that you can get the right solution to your weight problem.