Old School New Body – Fitness For Anyone Over 40

Old School New Body – Fitness For Anyone Over 40

What’s the hype about Old School New Body?

Old School New Body is a pretty revolutionary workout that uses minimal equipment and can be done from the home or gym. Its not really about the minimal and basic equipment that is needed. After all getting your hands on a cheap (inexpensive) set of dumbells is the easy part. What is considered ground breaking and revolutionary is the F4X training method that the author and creator Steve Holman states will add years to your life without enduring the typical, and often grueling workout methods that we, and a lot of gym goers, are used to doing.

How Does Old School New Body Work?

old school new body bookThe program is broken into 3 phases that are tailored to individual goals but have the benefit of working together to help anyone, regardless of age, or fitness level reach their fitness goals. The first phase is the F4X Lean Phase. This is a great starting point for most people and an excellent way to get into decent shape for beginners. The workouts, like all workouts in Old School New Body last only 30 minutes, with only a set of dumbbells needed. This phase is designed to help you burn fat.

The next phase of the program expands on the exercises with the goal of sculpting you body for a more lean and toned physique. The FX4 Shape phase, as it is called, is perfect to stack on top of completing the fat burning F4X Lean Phase noted above.

For the added punch, and if you are looking to build more muscle, the F4X Build Phase is ideal for this. Unlike the FX4 Lean and Shape phases, this phase will have you eating more and actually working out for longer sessions. Not much longer than the 30 minutes of the other phases, but you can expect to add about 15 minutes to you daily schedule.

Does The Old School New Body Program Focus On Nutrition?

In a nutshell yes. Before you even get into the workouts themselves, the course covers a hand-full of chapters that detail nutritional guidelines for maximum fat loss or muscle growth (based on the phase you choose. The course also has an emphasis on safety (see below).

How Does Old School New Body Work?

OSNB works by following a workout method called F4X. While I can’t go into the details and expose the whole program, the F4X principle is pretty straight forward. F4X calls for moderate weights, that follow form first and foremost. It also focuses on maximizing time to a minimum, where maximum benefits can be realized without sacrificing safety and time. If you see most people running around the gym you will undoubtedly find hulks who hurl weights without discretion and lightweights flinging super light weights. The latter will most likely have little effect while the heavy lifters will be prone to injury over time.

F4X lives in between these approaches to maintain an injury free workout over your lifetime, that promises to keep you feeling youthful, looking young and injury free. That folks is the magic of OSNB and the F4X method. Check out this review of the Old School New Body Program yourself to see how it might help you get fit and stay that way.