Does the Flex Belt Work?

My Flex Belt Review

flex belt review

Many people often wonder if ab belts (electronic ones) actually work. There is certainly a lot of debate about it especially when there have been so many infomercials boasting claims about getting a tone set of washboard abs after strapping on an electronic belt. You will find brands like, Butterfly Abs, Slendertone Connect and The Flex Belt to be available for online purchase, but little it known about how they work and if they really deliver results at all.



Do Electric Ab Belts Work?

This question is asked a lot and for good reason. If you can carve a lean mid-section simply by wearing a belt, how can you go wrong? To be upfront, there are many ways you can go wrong but let’s talk a bit about how they work before we get too far.

Electronic Ab Belts work through sending electric impulses to your muscles that cause them to contract. The idea is that you can wear the belt for a period of time and effectively work-out your abs without doing more traditional exercises.

The technology is called Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS for short) and has been used for a long time in the medical industry to help people recover from injury and in some cases improve athletic performance.

Will Using Ab Belt Give You  Six Pack Abs?

The short answer is: NO

There are a couple of reasons behind this, but what it really comes down to is related to the amount of calories consumed vs the calories you spend during a given day. If you burn fewer calories than you spend, you will not see any progress. The EMS stimulation that you get from wearing an AB Belt burns absolutely zero calories. So on its own, it is of no help.

However, the muscle stimulation you do get is enough to tone your core. To take maximum advantage of an ab belt you have to have consistent diet and exercises. If you have this in check, then you are in a good position to use the belt and gain benefit.

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Happy health to you!