Earn To Die Game Review

Earn to Die is an action-racing game designed by play espn Return Man 3 Games that allows players to drive a vehicle through various zombie-filled terrains to reach their destination. In the first stage, the game begins by showing a cut-scene of the main character on top of a water tower in the middle of the desert. On top of the water tower, the point-of-view switches to the character’s first person view, looking through a pair of dusty binoculars.

The character is looking for a way out of the desert when they spot a helicopter as their exit. Lone and behold, zombies start making their appearance, and thus the 2048 Cupcakes player must choose a vehicle to get to the helicopter destination point, while plowing through zombies and trying to stay alive.

Duck Life 4 Game

After the first stage cut-scene, players will be taken to a Main Menu screen. Here, the days are tallied, the theimpossiblequiz.info player’s money is displayed, and there’s also a Buy new car category in which the player may select a vehicle. Furthermore, the main menu background image corresponds to the current level the player is on. The player begins the game with $500 to buy a vehicle with; after they’ve come to the main menu, they can then click on the Buy new car link to select a vehicle to begin the game with.

While there are three vehicles in the game, the only vehicle that the player can afford to start with is the $500 Hatchback. To buy the car, the Tunnel Rush Unblocked player can click on the Buy link. Afterwards, the player may then buy parts to upgrade their car if they have the funds. When just starting out, the player will not have the necessary funds to upgrade their vehicle.

The items on a vehicle that can be upgraded include: a boost propeller, a larger gas tank, upgraded tires, upgraded transmission, and a better motor. One of the more innovative upgrades that can be installed onto a vehicle is a firing weapon, which also can be upgraded throughout the Duck Life 4 Online game. After the player is ready to begin, they can click on the Go link to continue.

Controls Of Game

Once at the first stage, the player will be shown the directions on how to control their vehicle; the directions are the basic directional keys to move the vehicle. i.e. The Up directional key makes the vehicle accelerate, the Down key makes the vehicle brake, and the Left and Right directional keys will tilt the vehicle.

Tips & Tricks

On the Run 3 game player screen, in the lower-left hand corner, there is a MPH gauge, and also a fuel gauge. On the other hand, the lower-right corner displays the distance in feet the player is from the helicopter destination. When the player is ready, the can click on Continue, and then Go to start the level. The trick is to analyze good judgment in when the player should use the force of gravity to save fuel when going down a hill, and when they might need to use their fuel to accelerate.

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